Contractor Management: By law, a contractor is an entity engaged to carry out a contract. In Facilities Management, a contractor is a party who provides a service to another entity. This may be written, verbal agreement and / or request for a service. CFM can assist by engaging specific contractors who’s standards we are comfortable with. CFM currently has a preferred contractor base with over 45 Companies and sole Traders.

Accident / Incident Reporting: An incident and / or accident is an event that has or could occur causing a negative effect on safety, health of a person and / or persons or the environment. CFM has procedures, documents and reports, which help minimize Accidents and Incidents occurring.

Scheduling: We can provide forms for documenting the following:

  • Contractor Inductions and ongoing works, working specifications e.g.; working at heights, Hot works, Confined Space, Hazardous Substances
  • Risk Management Register,
  • Job Safety Analysis,
  • Task Scheduler over 12 months,
  • Fire Systems Impairment Notice,
  • Emergency Planning,
  • Hand Over Documents,
  • OH&S Checklists for Contractors, Emergency Announcements for different situations,
  • Roof Access Permits,
  • Reporting Templates and Jobs in Progress Forms.

24/7 Service

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including public holidays. Carried out by people who are experts in their field. Feel free to contact us now so we can carefully discuss your requirements and provide you with a no obligation free quote.

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